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You could be doing this!

Catching Sailfish with Captain Mike in Golfito, Costa Rica

Yacht Management

May be just the solution you need, and MY Captain Yacht Management services may be the team.

We understand boating because we are boaters. Because of that we know what it takes to clean and detail, provision, maintenance, and keep a boat in perfect operating condition for that spur of the moment adventure.

Providing a variety of services we can customize our service to fit your needs from simply clean and detail to security and safety checks, to provisioning with groceries, booze and bait for that quick weekend fishing frenzie. We can even provide a Licensed Captain or fishing guide to insure you have the best experience possible with you limited time.

Please check back when our site is completed to find out more of what our service can provide for you.


Instead of this!

Scrubbing a deck on the back of your boat without Captain Mike somewhere in San Diego!